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Pendant Light Chandeliers! Our new Spider Pendants...

Our spider pendant light chandeliers bring amazing new light where you need it

Tutorial #1 – How to Cut Cloth Covered Wire

Cutting cloth covered wire is easy if done right.

A guide to using our website - From Lamp Parts to Lampshades

Find out how to use our website to make everything from pendant lighting to pendant lampshades. You'll find countless...

Be Creative! - NovuNovu Lamps made by Alessia Fede

Handmade lamps made from Creative Cables cloth wire and lamp parts by NovuNovu

Be Creative - The Lighting styles of L’Arte della Luce

Artisan lighting by Mariachiara Marzoli give new colors to light.

Tutorial #4 – How to mount the metal lampholder

In our fourth tutorial, we will see how to fit the lampholder with a metal cylinder cap!

Tutorial #3 - How to wire a lamp switch!

Let's learn how to manage a simple but necessary task: wiring a lamp switch!

Be Creative – The majestic suspension by Caroline Richard

An impactful suspension, made with our copper covered cables

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