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Side-hole ceiling canopies

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  • $7.20 Available
    Our classic single hole ceiling canopy with 2 added side holes. We've taken our 1-hole canopies and added two side holes on opposite sides. Use this canopy to make daisy chained pendant lights, daisy chained wall sconces, or to make your normal pendant light into a creative plugin-pendant light with canopy. These canopies are perfect to get creative...
  • $7.80 Available
    Our classic ceiling canopy with no center hole and 4 side holes. There are 4 side holes on opposite sides of each other. Use this canopy to link multiple strands of daisy chained pendant lights, daisy chained wall sconces, or as a blank to cover junction boxes.These single hole ceiling canopies are 4.7 inches in diameter. Large enough to cover a...
  • $38.90 Out of stock
    This 5" diameter wooden canopy cover is used in our Filé system and made for use with our custom string light cables. It attaches and covers your junction box where the power connection comes in. Use this if you want to use our string lights indoors but hard-wired to the power, instead of using a two-prong plug. This product is one of the base components...
  • $18.80 Out of stock
    Cable Cup® Hide silicone contemporary ceiling canopy kit is suitable for a wall or ceiling lamp. Loved by designers and decorators, silicone is durable, soft, tactile material with some wonderful bright colour options, that's almost indestructible. This unique and easy to mount product, developed by Swedish designers, Jonas Forsman and Lars Wettre has won...
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

The side-hole ceiling canopies, also known as junction boxes, allow electrical cables to come out from the side: therefore, they are useful to...

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