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  • $101.30 In Stock
    If you’re looking for a discreet and unique lamp to display in every corner of your home or workplace, Cabless11 is the answer to your needs. This wireless lamp, operating at 5 volts and made from alder wood, comes complete with an Impero mini lampshade. What makes Cabless11 unique? A number of details contribute to the uniqueness of this lamp, such ad...
  • $84.30 In Stock
    Cabless11 is a portable lamp in alder wood with a threaded double ferrule lamp holder. Minimal and versatile, this product comes with a cone shaped wooden base and can be paired with the Impero mini lampshade, available in various colours and fabrics. Moreover, thanks to its rechargeable battery (Li-ion 18650 battery), bring this lamp with you anywhere...
  • $13.50 In Stock
    The Impero mini lampshade with E27 fitting is the perfect solution for small wall fixtures or table lamps. With a diameter of only 14 cm and a height of 12 cm, this product brings the timeless elegance of classic lampshades both to new creations and to lamps who need a second life. Lampshade features The E27 fitting makes the Impero mini lampshade...
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items