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    Threaded tubes for use with our extension pipes and long and extra long strain reliefs. Use these to connect the extension tubes to our ceiling canopies and light sockets. **Note that you MUST use these if you plan to use our extended lenght strain reliefs or extension pipes. Comes in lot size of 10. Available sizes: 10 mm,15 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm
  • $1.70 available
    Threaded tube M10x1, length 0,98inch (TIGE) + Nuts - Packing: 2 pieces
  • Tache
    $34.70 Available
    Taché, in Piedmontese it means "to attach" or "to fix", is the creative support for light bulb that allows you to transform a G125 light bulb into an original table lamp. Designed by Fabrizio Alessio, Taché is inspired by one of the most beloved objects of the design world: the paper clip, patented by William Middlebrook in 1899. Designer Fabrizio...
  • $10.00 Available
    Customize your Wooden Posaluce Table Lamps and turn them into the perfect lamp for your favorite bookworm? You need a MINI-UFO disc from the Reading Bullsh*t collection. You'll love the ironic statements printed on the discs which are based on the most common lies told by readers. All are illustrated in the unmistakable style of You just have...
  • $10.00 Available
    Fun and delightful, these Mini-UFO disks make great gifts for readers. Each side of the mini-UFO has a quote from Margaret Fuller on one side and Abraham Lincoln on the other. The artwork on this lampshade is from the sisters and designers Pemberly Pond, the artists behind the New York Times Bestselling children's book "Goodnight Stories for Rebel...
  • $11.30 Available
    This universal wire stripper is the easy and effective tool that will help you make your lighting projects faster to complete and forget about the stress and worry of damaging cables.Compatible with all our round, fabric-covered cables, this wire stripper features multiple blades that allow you to unsheathe, cut and strip cables in one easy step.The...
  • $9.90 Available
    Three wooden feet - endless possibilities! If you are a lover of upcycling and creative recycling, these components are just what you need: thanks to the wooden feet kit you can breathe new life into and reinvent an old lampshade!These beechwood feet made in Italy have a supporting purpose, allowing you to transform a lampshade into a table lamp...
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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