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Complete your designer creations and satisfy all of your home decor requirements. Browse our range and discover the essential accessories for your...

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    Three wooden feet - endless possibilities! If you are a lover of upcycling and creative recycling, these components are just what you need: thanks to the wooden feet kit you can breathe new life into and reinvent an old lampshade!These beechwood feet made in Italy have a supporting purpose, allowing you to transform a lampshade into a table lamp...
  • Tache
    $45.00 Available
    Taché, in Piedmontese it means "to attach" or "to fix", is the creative support for light bulb that allows you to transform a G125 light bulb into an original table lamp. Designed by Fabrizio Alessio, Taché is inspired by one of the most beloved objects of the design world: the paper clip, patented by William Middlebrook in 1899. Designer Fabrizio...
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items