If you want a ready-to-hang lighting solution for your rooms, this section is for you! Here you will find our complete line of lighting that we’ve already designed for you. These pendant lights, swag chandeliers, plug in pendant lights, wall sconces and table lamps are the culmination of our creativity:

  • Single Pendant Lighting - Designed for use with a single bulb. Some are simple exposed bulb pendants while others come with beautiful lampshades.
  • Multiple Pendant Lighting – If it is hard wired to the ceiling and has two or more lights from a central point you’ll find it here. Everything from a simple double pendant to a beautiful swag chandelier is located here.
  • Plug in Pendant Lighting – Don’t have junction box? No problem, these lights can be plugged into any outlet and then just use our ceiling swag hook to add a light anywhere.
  • Table Lamps – Wooden or metal, these curated pieces will all look great on any table.
  • Wall Sconces – A torchbearer of lighting design. These elegant wall lights are some of our favorites.

These are just a few the lights we’ve designed and made. And all will arrive to you assembled and ready to hang Looking for something different than you see in our range of designs here? No problem, we can custom make any light for use from our selection of cloth covered wire and lamp parts. Just give us a call!