The original Creative-Cables

Some call them colourful textile cables, others fabric covered cables, whilst others still simply call them coloured cables. But really, for over 10 years their real name has been Creative-Cables.

What makes Creative-Cables products so special?

Made in Italy

rom the industrial process behind the PVC cables to the fine work of tailoring that goes into the textile linings, every single Creative-Cables component is Made in Italy. Including the design, obviously!


first and foremost!. Our cable specifications, fully compliant with the strict HAR and UL regulations, are constantly monitored and consistently kept up to date. The fabric used for the finish comes in one-of-a-kind colour hues from the best Italian suppliers.


our PVC cable has been produced based on a special formula that maximises flexibility and prevents bulges. The complete cable is Creative-Cables guaranteed from the surface to the core of the product.

Our selection

which boasts the vastest colour catalogue in the world. Different fabrics, from polyester to linen, cotton to jute, combined with various textures plus exclusive and patented designs. On top of all of this we offer stunning solutions like the Marlene line, soft and light like a feather.

The cable... the beautiful one!

Since 2012 we have had a mission: to give the electric cable a new look.


Our (legendary) electric cables in colourful textile finish. Available in many different textures, from cotton to linen, to polyester, to jute, in hundreds of colour palettes ranging from monochrome to multicoloured patterns. Round or twisted, with matte, glitter, glossy or feather finish. We strive to help everyone find the perfect cable to bring light into your everyday life, home and office space.







An armful of fabric helps the sales go up. We might have slightly rearranged Mary Poppins’ message, but it’s true! When creativity is combined with different colours and textures, a whole new world opens up. Coming up with different ways of making cables both functional and fashionable has been so fun for us that we decided to take it one step further: we lined our cable ducts and flexible extensions with fabric too! The result? Our Creative Tubes, that create practical and appealing exposed electrical installations.