In the colorful world of Creative Cables, light blends with creativity to give life to unique, evocative, tailor-made solutions that speak Italian.

Founded in 2013 in Turin, in northwestern Italy, Creative Cables has always been focused on the creative aspect and do-it-yourself ethos, positioning itself as a valuable support for home decor enthusiasts, interior designers, architects, and anyone in search of functional and visually impactful lighting solutions. 

The company stands out for:

  • The wide variety of colors of its electrical cables, with a tailor-made textile covering entirely made in Italy. With over 300 combinations of patterns and textures, combined with a vast range of components, it allows for the creation of endless fully customizable lights that meet the market demands and current industry trends.
  • The Italian nature of its products, conceived, designed, and assembled in Italy. The local culture is deeply rooted in the company's DNA and is reflected in the quality of every offered item, created as much as possible in a artisanal way, enhancing the rich cultural heritage and the innate sense of style and innovation that characterize the nation.

At Creative-Cables, we believe in lighting that is:


Colors, patterns, finishes, and shapes to stimulate creativity.


In 99.99% of cases, our answer is "yes, it can be done."


We believe in the excellence of Italian design and craftsmanship.


We have around 5,000 products and components, allowing for infinite combinations.

Customer service

We communicate in 14 languages, across 24 websites, and ship to 90 countries.


We have 6 stores in Italy and 9 worldwide, with over 20 shop-in-shop locations in the best lighting stores.


From our Italian headquarters, we ship over 300 orders every day, which amounts to 100,000 orders per year.


Since the launch of our configurator in 2021, over 15,000 unique products have been created.


We have shipped over 170,000 kilometers of cable since our inception, which is four times the Earth's circumference.

The Tailors of Lighting

We love offering our customers the opportunity to create custom and high-quality lighting through a wide range of components, lighting systems, and lamps.

We are committed to meeting our customers' needs by providing products that combine functionality, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability.

We constantly strive to innovate our offerings, providing cutting-edge solutions and promoting the use of energy-efficient technologies. We believe that lighting can make a difference in any environment, and we are proud to contribute to creating comfortable spaces for people's everyday lives.

From Memphis to Tenerife, from Zagreb to Cape Town, Creative-Cables opened its first store in the heart of Turin in 2017.

Since then, flagship stores and shop-in-shop locations have emerged in the best lighting stores globally.

Our Values

We don't sell lamps: we create them together with you:

We believe that each lamp should be unique—an expression of creativity and the taste of those who will experience it every day.

We believe in quality and accessible design

Beauty and the possibility to create luminous ideas should have a fair and accessible price.

We are citizens of the world, but we love our territory:

We have online and physical stores in over 25 countries worldwide, but we also love our territory and its artisanal traditions. That's why we entrust the production of our fabrics, ceramics, and wooden components to the skilled hands of Italian artisans.

Lamp or component?

With us, you can find all the components to create your own lamp or personalize one already in our catalog.

We bring light wherever you want:

We create design systems that allow you to move and bring light wherever you need it the most.

We are born digital, but we enjoy looking into your eyes:

We were born on the web, and contrary to what usually happens, we later opened stores worldwide because we had a strong desire to personally get to know our customers and create something unique and special with them!

Sustainable and durable

For us, sustainability means longevity. That's why you can replace each individual part of your lamp, only replacing what is necessary.

We appreciate those who work with light:

That's why we have created special services for architects, electricians, interior designers, and professionals.