About us

Creative Cables mission is to help you design your own unique and stunning lighting at affordable prices, working to create dramatic lighting results. Our light fixtures are hand-made in Memphis, Tennessee using Italian lighting and lamp parts imported from our home office in Torino, Italy. We design and manufacture most of our lamp parts, and all our cloth covered wire, at our family owned workshop in Italy. We work side by side with creative, clever, famous designers to constantly supply new products. We combine innovation with old world Italian craftsmanship and American charisma. Our lighting is customizable because we hate boredom. We love to boost customers' creativity, constantly providing new components to create new combinations. With us, the only limit is your imagination.

Our beginnings in Italy:

2014 - Creative Cables, was started in Torino, Italy by Luca Novarino. The company’s first products were their premium Italian made cloth covered wire cables. But Luca soon found that he wanted to offer more than just these fabric cables. With a desire to help illuminate the places you love he began offering all types of lamp parts and lighting.
Now you’ll find that Creative Cables offers thousands of cloth covered wire cables, lighting and lamp components and accessories. All to help you design and create the perfect light and lamp to fit your style.

Creative Cables USA arrived in late 2018:

It all started with an unsolicited email. What do you do if you make lighting and find out that your favorite supplier of materials isn't selling in your home country? Like any reasonable person, Jami Ferrell sent an email addressed "To Whom It May Concern" introducing himself. That whim of an email started the ball rolling on what would become a new friendship and eventual partnership between Jami, an American, and his Italian partner Luca.
After Luca's visits to Memphis, TN, and Jami's visits to Torino, Italy, the two have embarked on bringing Italian style and design to the States. You'll find Italian artisan made products here that are designed by some of the most creative minds in Europe. These are not mass produced, they are made in small cities and villages throughout Italy and brought here for you to be able to showcase in your home.

Fun Numbers:

  • We sell 20,000 different lamp parts that can generate over 50,000 combinations of lighting. (Even more if you count different lengths available.)
  • Each year we sell enough cloth covered wire cables to stretch across America.
  • We sell our lighting in over 24 different countries.
  • We have 5 flagship stores in Italy, and others throughout Europe and the world. This includes one on 3 different continents.
  • We’ve been listed as one of the top 1000 fastest growing companies by the Financial Times for two straight years.

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