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Our Flat Top Metal light bulb socket kits are are the standard when it comes to a sleek look with classic lines. These fit perfect into most settings, from minimalist design to classic home and hospitality lighting. And they are ideal light bulb socket kits for those of you looking build your own DIY pendant light or plugin pendant light at home.

Each of our Flat Top Metal light bulb sockets has a corresponding ceiling canopy that matches it. Just search our "Classic" style ceiling canopies to find the matching canopy.

Note that ALL of our metal light socket covers come as kits. This means that they INCLUDE a grounded E26 UL Listed light socket and a strain relief! (Compare to others who sell these parts separately.) We make sure that you have all the lamp parts and light supplies you need to create the perfect pendant light.

Select whether you want your light socket kit to come with the standard Conical strain relief cable clamp or UPGRADE to the Cylindrical style strain relief. We highly suggest the upgrade to the Cylindrical style. You won't regret the choice after seeing how great it looks in person. All the Cylindrical strain reliefs are metal except for the Cylindrical strain relief made for the gloss white socket kit, which is plastic. These sockets work great with our pendant light cloth covered wire color cord.

UL Listed: E190302

Be sure to check out our tutorial videos to learn how to wire up this Flat Top Metal light bulb socket.

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Technical specifications cylinder socket kit.
1 - E26 socket in IMQ ENEC certified thermoplastic Made in Italy
1 - Metal socket cover
Diameter: 1 - 11/16 inches (42 mm)
Height: 2 - 7/16 inches (62 mm)
Top hole diameter: 3/8 inch (10 mm)
Material: metal.

Technical specifications Cylindrical strain relief cable clamp
Cap Dimensions: diameter 1/2 inch (13 mm) - height 5/8 inch (17mm)
Cap material: metal.
Threaded tube Dimensions: diameter & height 3/8 inch (10 mm)
Threaded tube material: metal.

Technical specifications Conical strain relief cable clamp
Height: 1 - 11/16 inch (43 mm)
Diameter: 11/32 inch (14.8 mm)

UL Listed: E190302

Note that the interior light bulb socket has a built-in locking safety device that does not allow you to unscrew it once assembled. (This is to protect you from electric shock.)

We ship all our light sockets

    not fully assembled and twisted closed

so that the built-in locking safety mechanism is not "locked" when you receive it.

If the safety device does somehow become locked you can unlock this security system, located inside the socket on the side, with a small screwdriver. Please see our tutorial page for videos on how to unlock these light bulb sockets. And If you attempt to unlock the socket you must have the power


to the socket before inserting anything into the socket!

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Technical spec sheet
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If the item is not currently available in our US warehouse, delivery time will be around 15 working days.
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