Top 5 Ways to Use Plug-in Pendant Lighting to Upgrade Your Home

We all want to have the perfect lighting for homes!  Sometimes it can seem daunting trying to figure out how to add some lights where there aren’t any junction boxes or maybe you are renting and a screw in the wall will cost you $15.  Plug in pendants are the easiest way to add lights to your space and here are some of the top 5 ways to use them in your home!

1. Customize the cable and socket style to fit you home aesthetic

If you are the type of person that has Pinterest boards for every room of your house and a special one just for home decor color palettes, then you know exactly why this is first on the list. Oftentimes with lighting you are limited to white, black and sometimes you can get stainless steel.  But there are so many more options that are available with plug in pendant lights.  For Boho, Scandinavian, modern, eclectic, you name it, Plug-in Pendant lights are available for any of these design inspirations.

2. All you need is an outlet and you can bring your light anywhere you want

You know that dark spot in your room that you cannot seem to light the way you want?  Floor lamps are one option, but they can take up a lot of space.  Plug-in pendant lights combine the best parts of ceiling lights and floor lamps.  All you need to use a plug in pendant light is an outlet. Simply plug the pendant light in and you can bring the light wherever you want.  Looking for nice clean lines? We like to use some fairleads or swag hooks to create neat lines up the wall and to hang it from the ceiling.

3. Combine it with a canopy to make one cable into multiple pendant lights

Sometimes we want to add more than just a single light to a space.  You might think you need to get a $400 lighting fixture that has to be hard wired into a junction box.  It actually doesn’t have to be that complicated!  By using a plug in pendant you can use the electricity from an outlet and power a multi pendant light!  Simply use a plug in pendant without the socket, and put a canopy on the exposed end.  Then you can use some WAGO clips or wire nuts and add as many lights as you would like!  At Creative Cables we like to use our 4 side hole canopies and get a three pendant fixture out of one plug in pendant!

4. If you like to rearrange use plug in lights as a temporary, moveable lighting fixture

 We all know someone that likes to rearrange their living room every 3 months. Oftentimes it is moving a couch to a different position and maybe adding an end table.  With plug in pendant lights you can add a new layer by changing your lighting! Just unplug it and move it wherever you would like.  This is also handy for anyone that is renting!  Whenever your lease is up, just pack the light with everything else and you can install in your new place!

5. Easy to use with an exposed bulb or add a lampshade

Sometimes we just want to add a little something extra to a room like a lampshade!  With plug-in pendants from Creative Cables, we have pendants to suit any need!  The only difference between an exposed bulb pendant or pendant with a lampshade is the socket!  Our sockets for lamp shades have a threaded section on the outside of the socket where a lamp part called a ferrule will be placed.  This just acts as the mounting piece for your lampshade. Simply unscrew a ferrule, slide the lampshade on and screw that ferrule back in! Super easy! 

  If you have any questions about how to get the perfect plug-in pendant for your space, let us know!  We would be happy to help! 

Posted on 2021-06-10 Be Creative!