Creative Cables - Lamp Parts In Use Series - Julie McDonald: Got Soup?

Fun and unique lighting made at home, that's the premise of our "Lamp Parts in Use" series. Today's post looks at a creation by Julie.

Not satisfied with the selections of pendant lights available on the market, Julie decided to create her own unique lamps using the lamp parts supplied with our DIY Pendant Light kits. (Specifically our Pendant Lights for Lampshades DIY Kit.) She wanted to bring her own touch to these lights. So, rather than use mason jars or some other type of pendant lamp shade she used soup cans with colorful designs.

This gives a wonderful look that works to bring a little whimsy to the lighting over her kitchen table. And with all of the pendant lights attached to a beam over the table it makes a great custom chandelier.

Here are our lamp parts Julie used for this DIY lighting project:

That's it! Julie then just used a beam and ran the lamp wire through the beam and wired that to to the junction box.

Julie, you knocked it out of the park. Thanks for sharing and we hope you enjoy your custom pendant light chandelier for many years!

Posted on 2019-04-09 Be Creative!