How to Put in a Ceiling Light Without a Junction Box - With Creative Cables Lighting & Lamp Parts

Creative Cables offers you the ability to design your own lights exactly as you need them for any room in your home or office.

With ordinary lights you are limited to the colors, the styles and configurations that some company has pre-decided what should be available for you to choose from. With Creative Cables YOU are the designer of your lighting and YOU choose what works best for what YOU need. You are able to create lights that work exactly as you need them to.

Here are some of the lighting problems that we help customers solve on a daily basis:

You don’t have a junction box in the place you want or need to put a light or the location of your junction box is not centered to the room or their furniture. 

This just might be the biggest problem we solve here at Creative Cables. A customer comes in or calls us and wants a light somewhere in their home, but they don’t have any wiring at the location where they want to hang the light, or the junction box just isn’t centered for what they need.

Here are a few ways we can help solve this dilemma. We have ceiling canopies that have no center hole, but which have side holes on all four sides. We can put this ceiling canopy that has no center hole over your existing junction box and then run one of our cloth covered wire color cords from that canopy through one of the four side holes (plugging the three remaining holes so that it is nice and neat) routing that to another ceiling canopy that is placed in the location you want your light to be.

Then at this “correct” lighting location we have the wire enter the side of the canopy and then make a light from that canopy location. (This is much easier to show you than to write down, and is actually a very easy process to do.) This way you can center your light over a table or living area or wherever you want. And the best part about this is that our wiring is made to be seen. So the fact that you can see the wire running from one ceiling canopy location to another ceiling canopy location is actually something cool and can give a great designer look to your room.

You have no junction boxes are wiring at all in your ceiling but you want ceiling mounted light or even some type of swag chandelier.

This is the second most common lighting problem we solve for our customers. And the solution is similar, yet different, to the above lighting problem.

Option 1 is that you choose the color cord and and styles of lamp parts that you want us to use to make a plugin pendant light that will hang from the ceiling using one of our swag hooks.

This is a simple and effective way to add ceiling mounted lights to your room. And with many of our plugin pendant lights you can dress them up by adding any of our pendant light shades that match with your light and style. This is a really great way to add lighting to temporary spaces like apartments or dorm rooms where you don’t want to make too much of a mess or install any more holes than are absolutely necessary. With this solution it’s just one screw and you’re done.

Option 2 is for someone that may want something that feels a little more permanent or who may want more than one light from the same source on their ceiling.

With this option we basically make you a plugin pendant light that runs through one of our ceiling canopies. You choose the color cable and plug you want, we wire it so that the cable runs from your wall power outlet up the wall to your ceiling (be sure to use our fairleads to make this easy and neat) the cable then connects to any of our ceiling canopies that you would like (any color, and up to seven pendants available to hang from the pendant). We just drill a hole into the side of your chosen ceiling canopy and you have a plugin ceiling chandelier! With this option we have the option to create large plugin swag chandeliers or dynamic cluster lights.

And both of thee two options are available with inline on/off switches for those of you whose power sockets aren’t controlled by a wall switch.

These are just a couple of lighting problems that we work to solve with our customers every day. Let us help you design your own light and come up with the perfect lighting solution for your needs. From plugin chandeliers to simple plugin pendant lighting and pendant light shades, we have all the lamp parts you need to make the lighting that solves your problems.

Now get out there and start designing! And feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

Posted on 2019-09-01 Be Creative!