Pendant Light Chandeliers! Our new Spider Pendants...

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Bedrooms, dining rooms, rooms, board rooms, living rooms, and even bars & restaurants: there is no space that can't be improved by the addition of our pendant light chandeliers!
We named our new multiple pendant lighting chandeliers Spider pendants. And with multiple pendant lights coming from a central ceiling canopy you can see why. These new pendant lights hav ebecome one of the most popular products we sale. And we now offer them in more than 20 different color combinations as ready to hang pendant light fixtures. These colors were created by our team of amazing designers and also chosen from among the styles and colors that you, our customer, preferred most last year. You can choose them in ready made lighting fixtures or you can choose to purchase them as part of a DIY pendant light kit that you make yourself!
Our Spider pendant lighting comes in six different colors and finishes for ceiling rose canopies and socket lamp holders: We can choose our black, white, black pearl, chrome metal, copper (my daughter calls this one "rose gold") or brass. For each color, we have selected different styles and colors of cloth wire cables to match. We have twisted cloth wire that gives more of retro styled feel. While our cotton covered round cloth wire gives more of a shabby chic lighting vibe. Our round rayon cloth wire feels sleeker and give a more modern lighitng look. While our jute covered cloth wire really pulls off the barn or farmhouse lighting look perfectly! With hundreds of different combinations you're sure to find the style that matches the chandelier pendant light look that you want.

If you're wanting something completely your own then you can make your own DIY chandelier pendant light by choosing your own components. 
To make your own amazing chandelier lighting all you have to do choose the ceiling canopy you want. (We have canopies in many colors from 7 holes down to 1 hole, and everything from wooden to XXL metal canopies.) Choose the color and style of the socket and then choose what color cloth wire works best for your project. Do you need a pendant light chandelier with 7 holes in the canopy with each hole leading to a different color cloth wire and different style socket at the end of the wire? We can do it. 

The choices, however, do not end here!
Now it is possible to decide whether to receive the classic metal ceiling hooks or use our elegant hook & stop swag or "V" swag hooks. Finally, you can choose the style of cable clamp strain reliefs that work best for your project: your preference could be the simple and economical conical tapered models of made from thermoplastic, or could it be our finest cylindrical styles made of metal that match with the ceiling canopy and sockets. It's all up to you. EVERY PENDANT LIGHT FIXTURE WE SELL IS COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE!

Don't know where to begin on creating your own pendant light chandelier? Don't worry: we can make any of our Spider lighting pendants tailored to your needs using our lamp parts. Just give us a call at 901.359.5128 or email us at and explain what you need and we will help you come up with the perfect solution for your pendant lighting needs!
Posted on 2018-11-03 New Product