Be Creative! - NovuNovu Lamps made by Alessia Fede

The NovuNovu project is from the hands of Alessia Fede who, after working in the fashion design industry for most of her life, has decided to follow her true passion, home decor. She uses her years of experience in the fashion design industry to transform home decor and lighting into works of wonder and craftsmanship.  

Alessia handmakes all types of home decor items, from cups to tables. She uses her talents to create marvelous designs that work beautifully in any home. Alessia's favorite items to work with are lighitng. She creates beautiful lamps and pendant lighting using materials recovered from her surroundings in southern Italy. Her most strking lighting is made from driftwood and olive woods that are native to the area where she lives near Sicily. The proximity of the sea and the colors of the Sicilian land area her greatly influence her work. You can see the inspiration in her inspired Mediterranean style lighting.
For her NovuNovu lamps (which, among other things, means "New New" in her native Sicilian dialect) Alessia exclusively uses Creative Cables cables lamp parts. The variety of styles and colors of our cloth wire, rope wire, sockets and canopies allow her to make amazing light fixtures and pendant lighting of the highest quality available. Alessia especially loves to use our nautical cord wire rope and round cotton cloth wire. Her favorite colors of our cloth cables to use all fall in a traditional Mediterranean or shabby chic lighting color pallete and are of a softer style ranging from white to blue, passing through the yellow!

Find our information about NovuNovu creations online at their Facebook page, or buy her lighting online at her Etsy store

We love hearing from our artist customers use our lamp parts to create amazing projects and lighting. And we want to hear from you about what you've created. It doesn't matter if you are making a single DIY pendant light kit or an amazing art display using our cloth covered wire, we want to hear from you. Send us your photos of how you used our lamp parts to make your cool new lights or DIY project to and we'll feature it here on our site and send you a gift card for $25 to use here on our site. Now go out there and BE CREATIVE!
Posted on 2018-08-18 Be Creative!