Be Creative - The Lighting styles of L’Arte della Luce

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L’Arte della Luce was born in Vittorio Veneto, which lies in the province of Treviso in northern Italy, not far from the famed city of Venice. Mariachiara Marzoli has used her imagination to design wonderful handmade lamps. She plays with colors and light in all of her light fixture creations: from hand-painted lampshades, to vases of light and multicolored pencil pendant lighting. She uses found objects to crete her custom lamps. Here style ranges from mature desk lighting in natural tones to children's lamps with bright beautiful colors. 
During her creative process Mariachiara carefully selects each material that will be used to make her custom lighting. She prefers to use eco friendly paints and certified electrical lamp parts. That's why Mariachiara has turned to Creative Cables. All of our cloth covered wire cables meet the highest safety standards. And since our cloth wire is available in more than 200 different styles and colors she is unlimited in the styles and designs of lamps and lighting that she can create.

You can find more information on the lighting works of L'Arte della Luce on the atelier’s website.

We love hearing from you about how you use our lamp parts to create amazing projects and lighting. Share your amazing lighting projects with us. We'd love to see what type of shabby chic lighting or farmhouse style lighting you've come up with. Or maybe your projects tend to be modern or even steampunk lighting desings. It doesn't matter, we want to see what type of lighting you've created using our lamp parts and cloth covered wire. Send us your photos of how you used our lamp parts to make your cool new lights or DIY project to and we'll feature it here on our site and send you a gift card for $25. Now go out there and BE CREATIVE!
Posted on 2018-08-01 Be Creative!