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So, you'd like to make your own pendant light, lamp or light fixture? Or maybe you're just looking for that perfect lampshade to hang on your light. You've found the right place for everything lighting. Now let's get you started understanding where to begin on our website if you want to create your own light.

Altough our name is Creative Cables you could probably rename us Countless Cables if you liked. That's because we have countless colors and styles of cloth covered wire fabric cables. (Well, I guess we really could count them, but don't you think Counless just sounds better than, say 237 Cables?) Add in the fact that we have 178 ceiling canopy roses and 83 different types of sockets and you quickly get the idea - We've got a lot of options!

But with so many options it can be easy to feel overwhelmed in knowing exactly what you need to make that awesome shabby chic pendant light for your She Shed or that steampunk lamp you've been wanting to make. Never fear, we're hear to help you out. And if this little guide to understanding our Creative Cables lighting website leaves you even more confused then please feel free to pick up the phone and call us. We're pretty good at giving help with how to use our lamp parts to make that one of a kind pendant lighting youve been wanting.

We'll start with where Creative Cables began, our cloth covered wire. If you're looking to create that perfect pendant light or lamp on your own, and you're like most of customers, then the first place you'll start is with our cloth covered wire. Find what you're looking for under the "Cloth Covered Wire" heading found at the top left of our site. If you're specifically looking for wire for pendant lighting then you should then click on "Pendant Light Cords". This will show you over 160 styles and colors of fabric covered cords for pendant lights here. Everything from our round dove cotton linen covered electric wire (which is perfect for shabby chic projects) to twisted electric wire (perfect for that retro look), and even jute covered and metal covered wire can be found here.

You'll also find that there are a few sub-categories listed under the "Cloth Covered Wire" category. The "Outdoor Cloth Wire" is our cloth covered electric wire that is sheathed in a weather resistant rubber sheath under the fabric. It's the perfect wire to use outdoors if you want to bring a little color to your lighting project.

The "Extension Cord" sub-category found under the "Cloth Covered Wire" category shows our heavy 15/3 guage extension cords that have been covered in fabric. The double insulation and heavier wire make these perfect for use with appliances. So if you're going with that retro look in your kitchen and need the final detail for your appliances this may be exactly what you're looking for.

The final sub-category we have under the "Cloth Covered Wire" category is "Rope Cables". These may be my favorite of all our fabric wire, and that's because you really would never think that this is rope with electric wire inside of it. It's perfect for nautical settings.

While it may sound a little boring, you should know that all of our fabric cloth covered wire is made out of premium components at our factory in a village outside Torino, Italy to the strictest safety regulations. All of our round 3x18 cloth covered wire is UL Listed. And beware, while many companies claim to offer UL listed cloth covered wire what they are actually offering is UL Listed wire that has been covered in fabric cloth. Once that wire has been covered in cloth it loses its' UL certification and it actually has to be tested again and have another UL Listing number given to it. We are only aware of one other company, besides us at Creative Cables, who offers true UL Listed cloth covered wire. 

You've found the wire, now it's time to find the right lamp parts for your new light. Look under the “DIY Components” category to find all of our lamp parts. Start with the “Canopies” sub-category to find all our ceiling canopies. (Our friends and co-workers in Italy call these ceiling roses.) You’ll see that right now we offer 178 types and colors of ceiling canopies, and we’re adding more options all the time. We have metal ceiling canopies, ceramic ceiling canopies, porcelain ceiling canopies, wood ceiling canopies and our XXL ceiling canopies.

If you’re looking to work on your DIY pendant lighting then you’ll probably be most interested in our metal ceiling canopies. These are extremely popular and come in white, brass, chrome, black and black pearl. And we’ve got them in every thing from a single hole ceiling canopy to multi hole ceiling canopies. We also have side hole ceiling canopies if you’re looking to attach wires to another pendant light or switch.

You’ve got the cloth covered wire, and now you have the ceiling canopy. The next lamp part you’ll need for your light is the socket. While our most popular style of sockets are our metal sockets (both smooth metal sockets and metal double ferrule sockets) we also offer phenolic sockets, porcelain sockets, ceramic and silicone in many colors, our super popular wood sockets, and even some light sockets made out of trees.

While you’re picking out your socket, don’t forget to make sure you have the perfect strain relief. Our conical strain reliefs offer that classic look while our metal strain reliefs with a cylindrical shape bring added sophistication to your pendant lighting project.

While you're hanging out in the "DIY Components Section" you'll also want to make sure that you pick up a few of our best selling swag hooks for your pendant lighting. Our "V" swag hook is wonderful to use to make great creations for your lamps. And our fairleads are the perfect way to keep your fabric cables neatly tucked down on your wall or ceiling.

Now comes the fun - our Pendant Light Shades bring the character to your DIY Lighting creation. Whether you call them pendant lampshades or pendant light shades we have shades that transform pendant lighting from mundane to whatever look you desire. Metal bistrot style light shades look amazing when you're going for a rustic or retro pendant light look. While our concrete pendant light shades are the perfect industrial look. And don't forget our ceramic pendant light shades which come in many sizes and we even have our bell ceramic pendant light shades available with a chalkboard covering so you can write on them!

Not really into our DIY lamp parts and just want to purchase some lighting you can use right away? Check out our Light Fixtures section. Here you’ll find all types of lighting that’s ready to use right away. Our Spider Swag Chandeliers are some of our most popular lighting as well as our Plug In Pendants. Items in this category come ready to install or plug in.

In our Bulbs section you’ll find modern takes on the classic Edison Bulb. With both LED and Carbon Filament bulbs available we offer a ton cool light bulbs. Our favorites right now are the new glassless Art Line LED bulbs that come in many wonderful shapes.

Our Color Finder section may be the most useful section on our whole website. Here you will find all of the color choices we offer. Just click on any of the colors and you’ll access our entire catalog of products made with that color. So, if you would love a red pendant light kit just click on the red and you’ll be shown everything we offer in red, including our pendant lighting. You’ll also find all of our lamps made with red cloth covered wire and more lighting supplies.
Finally we come to Our Lighting Blog. Here you can find more detailed information and tutorials on our products, as well as information about new products we're developing. In the New Products category we highlight all of our new lamps parts and lighting. Whether it's new colors of fabric cable, cool new pendant light shades, long strain reliefs or swag chandeliers this is the place where you'll find the 411 on our newest products. We've placed all of our DIY Lighting and How To Create Your Own Lights information in the Tutorial section. Here you'll find handy written guides and photos that help explain how to make your own pendant lights, how to wire a light socket, how to use many of our Creative Cables items! Would you like to see a tutorial on how to do something that we don't currently show? Write us at info.us@creative-cables we will be happy to make it!

The final section of our blog is the Be Creative section This is where we highlight what our customers have created using our lamp parts and lighting products. If you are looking for inspiration for the lighting of your home, browse through the posts in this section: we are sure you will many ideas for your next light or lamp project! And if you want us to feature youre light or lamp that you made using our parts just send us your photos and will send you a $25 voucher to use here on our website.  

In the Creative-Cables section you can find all the information about our company, our policies and you can even get to know us a little better by seeing who we are inside the company: curious to discover the faces and names of those who answer your emails, who creates the products and who assembles them? 

We hope this post has been helpful in explaining how to navigate our site and find what it offers you. Now you have the power to make your lights unique and tailor made using our lamp parts. However, if you still have any questions, the invitation is always open to contact us by writing via info.us@creative-cables.com, or calling us at 901.359.5128.

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