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Cloth Covered Wire made in Italy by Craftspeople - Watch the Video

I received a message from my partner, and Founder of Creative Cables, Luca. The title was short, simple and to the point. All it said was “A little taste of the Magic”. Now with a lead-in like that how could I not want to see what he was linking to?

The link was to a brand new video that showed a behind-the-scenes look at our little factory in a village outside of Torino, Italy. I have to say, I LOVED it. It captured the heart of how our cloth covered wires and rope covered wires are made.

You see, our cloth wire cables aren’t mass-produced in some giant factory. They are crafted by people who’ve been doing this work for generations. It’s a hands-on process to make all our cloth covered wire. That’s what makes our product the best in the world. Know that when you buy and use our fabric cables and rope covered wire for your swag lights, hanging chandeliers, or plug in pendant lights you are getting the finest crafted product that's made anywhere!

Here’s the video – A Little Taste of the Magic! 

I hope that all of you enjoyed this look into our little factory where we make all our cloth covered wires.

This 2 minute video encapsulates who we are, where we're from, and where we're going. We are a company that is obsessed with the details. We began in a small village in Italy, and we will continue to make our cloth covered wire in that same little factory in Italy. Because even though it would cost less to make it somewhere else, the quality would never be the same if we made it anywhere else. That's because the people who make it wouldn't be the same. 

So even as we grow, we will always be from that little village in Italy!

Posted on 2019-01-25