Matte White blank round Ceiling Canopy Kit with 4 side holes


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There's no center hole (but there are 4 side holes) in this "blank" Matte White ceiling canopy kit. The uses for this canopy are endless, you can drill your own hole wherever you want it, or you can cover an existing hole or junction box on your ceiling or wall and use one of the side holes to run one of our fabric cables over to another ceiling canopy and drop a pendant lamp there. Doing so allows you to move the light wherever you need it. We've even had customers use these to draw maps of cities on the ceiling with our cables and use these to mark important locations on the "map"!
These Matte White blank ceiling canopies with 4 side holes have a 4.7” diameter and will cover traditional ceiling junction boxes. They include plugs that match the color of the ceiling canopy so that you can plug any side hole you don't need to use.
This canopy kit also includes the canopy, a crossbar for attaching the ceiling canopy to the junction box, wall or ceiling, two screws for attaching to a wall, two screws for attaching the mounting plate to the sides of the ceiling canopy, four rubber grommet eyelets to use for the side holes, and the already noted plastic color matching plug

And if you want to dress the look of these side hole canopies up even more you can also purchase matching strain reliefs (aka cable grips) to use in the side holes instead of the rubbert eyelets. This definitely gives the canopies an upgraded look while also helping to keep the wire connection on the sides secure to the canopy.

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Ceiling Light Canopies

Diameter: 4.7 inches
Material: metal
Depth: 1 inch
Side Hole Diameter: 2/5"

Included lamp parts:
2 - wall screws & plastic achors
2 - screws for canopy attachment to crossbar
4 - Matching color plastic plugs for side holes

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