Classic 2 Side Hole Round Metal Ceiling Canopy Kit - Center hole & 2 side holes

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Our classic single hole ceiling canopy with 2 added side holes. We've taken our 1-hole canopies and added two side holes on opposite sides. Use this canopy to make daisy chained pendant lights, daisy chained wall sconces, or to make your normal pendant light into a creative plugin-pendant light with canopy.

These canopies are perfect to get creative with. You can use the side holes to run cables from one canopy to another and connect multiple lights together on the ceiling as pendants or on walls as sconces. Utilize one junction box and run multiple lights from that one box. Or you run a cable out one hole and attach a light socket plug on the end of the cable and create your own plugin pendant light. The canopy includes one strain relief, two plugs for each hole, and two rubber grommets to use on the holes if running cables on both sides. Or better yet, purchase additional strain reliefs (the cylindrical ones work great) to use on the side holes to really secure cables in place. We've used these canopies extensively to creative all types of linked lighting. Mix and match with our light bulb sockets and cloth covered wire to see what you can create!

These single hole ceiling canopies are 4.7 inches in diameter. Large enough to cover a standard junction box. They have a height of 1 inch, which allows plenty of room for wiring if you choose to mount these to a wall or ceiling without using a j-box. The single center hole has a diameter of 3/8 inch. And the side holes are roughly 1/2 inch in diameter.

All of our ceiling canopies are designed to work with our round and twisted pendant light cloth covered wire color cord. So mix and match your favorite color cable with the ceiling canopy of your choice. Or you can make your own wall sconce by matching a canopy with your choice of light bulb socket, extension tube, and/or elbow pipe! So pull out that inner lighting designer and get creative with our lamp parts.

What's in the box? This single hole ceiling canopy with 2 side holes comes with: the canopy; a crossbar for attaching the ceiling canopy to the junction box, wall or ceiling; two screws for attaching to a wall; two screws for attaching the mounting plate to the sides of the ceiling canopy; one strain relief clamp; 2 side hole plugs; and 2 side hole grommets.

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Technical specifications Single Hole Classic Round Metal Ceiling Canopy Kit:
Canopy diameter: 4.7 inches (120 mm)
Hole diameter: 3/8 inch (10 mm)
Material: metal

Technical specifications for the Cylindrical cable strain relief clamp:
Colored Cap size:
- diameter: 1/2 inch (13 mm)
- height: 2/3 inch (17 mm)
Cap Material:
- Gloss White Canopy uses a matching Plastic Cylindrical cable strain relief.
- All other ceiling canopy colors use a matching Metal Cylindrical cable strain relief.
The Cylindrical cable strain relief is attached to a threaded tube with the following specs:
- diameter: 3/8 inch (10mm)
- height: .59 inches (15 mm).
- material: metal

Technical specifications for the Plastic Conical cable strain relief clamp: - diameter: .58 inches (14.8 mm)
- height: 1.70 inches (43mm)
- material: thermoplastic.

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