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WeineWolf: a classic Italian winery uses Creative Cables

In Northeastern Italy near the Dolomite mountain range lies the Italian province of South Tyrol. This is where the family-run WeineWolf Winery is located.
After many years and sacrifices, Wolfgang Ladurner has achieved his dream of producing wine at his own winery. With his daughters and a young working team full of passion and dedication, Wolfgang has created his own line of fine wines, which are now exported all over the world.

At his wine store in Bolzano, Italy Wolgfang used our lamp parts to create wonderful hanging pendant light chandeliers. Each of these hanging swag light chandeliers was completed by using our "naked" frame wire pendant light shades. Using these simple pendant light shades enhanced the dramatic effect of the swag lamps without overpowering or taking away from the simplicity of the lighting design.

Here are the lamp parts and lighting products that were used in this hanging pendant light design:

- The cloth covered wire color cord is our braided/twisted cloth covered wire in black rayon (TM04).
- Our wire frame "naked" pendant light shades (aka pendant light cages).
- 7 port ceiling canopy in black.
Bakelight phenolic double ferrule light bulb socket lamp holder.
Black plastic conical strain reliefs.

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Posted on 2019-02-03