Make your Own Cement Lampshade Pendant Light with our Lamp Parts & Rope Electrical Wire

We’re always looking for new ways to showcase our lighting and lamp parts here at Creative Cables. And some of the best designers of new ways to use these lamp & lighting parts are you, our customers. That’s the case for this post today, which comes from one of our customers Eric and his company Indigo Yoga in Walnut Creek, California.

Eric asked if we could create a pendant light using our concrete cement lampshades and our rope covered electrical wire. After thinking it over we saw that yes, you could definitely do that. So we’ve put together a little how to video on how to wire up and make your own pendant light using these lamp parts.

Now here at the North American headquarters for Creative Cables our videos may not be as smooth and polished as the wonderful high-production-value videos that our team in Italy makes, (Come on, they’re Italian, what do you expect?) but we are working hard to make videos quickly that address your questions in an informative and fun way. So we hope you don’t mind a little extra atmosphere noise in the background to go with your how to video:)

In the video here you’ll see how you too can create a fun and easy-to-make pendant light with a cement lampshade. Just like Eric made for his yoga studio. And all for under $69. (As of the posting of this how to make your own swag lamp video.)

The best part, in addition to the price, is that you can do this yourself all in under 15 minutes!

Here’s what we used to make this pendant lamp.

  • Our Cube Cement Lampshade kit (Comes with a clear plastic conical shaped strain relief & smooth black plastic thermoplastic light socket.)
  • Natural Linen16mm XL Rope covered electrical wire

Not shown in the video, but the final piece you would need to make this a complete pendant light:

  • Wooden ceiling canopy kit (size XL with 16mm opening) in your choice of either natural wood, white painted wood or black painted wood

Note that while we use our rope covered electrical wire in this video, you could use any of our regular round pendant light cables with the cement lampshade of your choice. The only difference would be how you connect the cable through the lampshade – and we’ll be sure to make a video soon showing you how to create one in that style.

Do you have an idea for a video you would like us to make? It doesn’t have to be lighting for your yoga studio, just let us know if there is something you want to see us create?

Shoot us an email at and if we pick your idea we’ll send you an e-gift certificate for $50 off your next order!

Posted on 2020-01-16 Tutorial

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