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6 Items that make a great gift

Birthdays? Christmas? Back-to-school? In our humble opinion, any occasion is a good one to celebrate! Here are a few of our favorite items that also make great gifts.

1- Rope Pendant light with 3XL nautical rope

Ahoy there mate! Our 3XL rope pendant light is unique and like no other pendant light you've ever seen before. We use real rope and intertwine electric wire inside to create a Rope Wire. This rope wire is then used to make cool lighting such as this Rope Pendant Light. While of course rope works well in a nautical theme you won't believe how great it looks in a shabby chic or country setting as well.

Available in 14 combinations.

  • Ideal for: Your sister or daughter who just bought that condo down at the beach

  • Price (for product pictured): $56

2-Spider Swag Pendant Light Chandelier

Forget limiting yourself to just one little pendant light hanging from your ceiling. Our Spider hanging swag pendant lights bring the style to any room. And don't use just one. Put two or three together and you can make an unbelievable statement lighting piece. And at our prices how can you justify not buying more than one? 

Available with 5, 6 or 7 pendants.

  • Ideal for:  the minimalist who wants to keep it simple yet beautiful

  • Price (for product pictured): $161.50

3-Snake (plug-in pendant light)

A multi-purpose lamp that can simply be plugged into a socket: you can wrap it around the upright of a bookcase, on the handrail of a ladder or staircase, a kitchen rack, or you can hang it using one of our swag hooks.

Available in 90 colors.

  • Ideal for: those who don’t like single-purpose products that they can't move around

  • Complement it with: The Pinocchio, our adjustable wooden wall mount

  • Price (for product pictured): $30.50

4-Pendant light with Diamond cage

Take one pendant light with the color cord of your choice. Add one of our fun diamond shaped wire pendant light lampshades. You've got a fun and unique gift.  Whether it's white, black, turquoise, brass, red or rose gold you can find the right metal cage lampshade for that special person in your life.

Diamond Naked cage available in 6 colors

  • Ideal for: that friend who loves baroque AND minimalism too

  • Price (for product pictured): $61

5-Amber Brown Wine Bottle Light Bulb

Made by reusing a real 330 ml amber wine bottle, it is perfect for creating a great look over the counter of your kitchen. A refreshing example of upcycle-design. Our one-of-a-kind bulbs are always a hit.

Available in 4 shapes and colors.

  • Ideal for: your best friend and drinking buddy

  • Price (for product pictured): $49.95

6- UFO Pendant Light

Each side of our UFO wooden disc reproduces a work of art by Giulia Zoavo, one of the most promising names in Italian illustration. Her world is populated by superheroes, astronauts, walk-in mothers and barbecue-men. These can be hung from the ceiling with a pendant light, like you see here, or you can match it with our wall sconce light fermaluce for a great wall light art piece.

We offer UFOs from other Italian illustrators as well in 14 different double-faced versions.

  • Ideal for: the kid who reads tons of graphic novels

  • Price (for product pictured): $65

Posted on 2019-07-11