Ceiling Canopies - Choosing the best ceiling canopy from our 194 options

Ceiling Canopy, Ceiling Rose, Ceiling Light Canopy, Pendant Lamp Canopy, Ceiling Canopy Kit..... You get the idea, they go go by many names, but they are all referring to the same thing. This is the part of the light that attaches to your ceiling or wall and has a hole in it in which the lamp or light wire comes out and attaches to your light. 

We get asked all the time (as in daily) by customers "which ceiling canopy should I get for my light?" And the answer is usually a very solid "it depends". That's because it depends on what you are wanting to accomplish with your light, how many pendant lights you want hanging from your ceiling canopy and what overall look you are trying to accomplish.

The good news is that we offer a lot of choices of ceiling canopies. As of the time this post was written, we have 194 different ceiling canopies for sale on our website. And in the next couple of months we will introduce a new extra large ceiling canopy that can hold up to 19 pendant lights, so this number is about to climb.

These ceiling light canopies fall primarily into 6 different categories. In this post we will look at each different ceiling canopy category and tell you a little more about each so that you will have more information about the right choice of canopy for your light.

Our metal ceiling canopies come in 112 different variations. From a single-hole ceiling canopy all the way to a 7-hole ceiling canopy these are all available in six different colors (White, Black, Chrome, Copper, Black Pearl, & Brass).

In addition to our normal single through seven-hole canopies, we also have a single-hole ceiling canopy with openings on two sides. This allows you to "daisy chain" two or more canopies together. In our showroom we have used these canopies to connect 13 different lights together to create a wall of our fermaluce wall sconces.

And if you're looking for a ceiling canopy with no holes for pendant light to drop down we also have that. Our four-side-hole ceiling canopies come with no center hole, but instead have a hole on four sides of the canopy. (These also include plugs for each hole if you don't need all of them open.) This is a great canopy to use when you don't need light coming down immediately, but instead need to connect more cables to a central point.

All our metal ceiling canopies are 4.7 inches in diameter (120mm) and will fit over standard junction boxes. In addition all of our metal ceiling canopies are available as a kit with your choice of either a conical strain relief or a cylindrical strain relief.

Handmade and hand-painted at a small family-owned facility n the Italian countryside, these ceramic ceiling canopies are bring charm and craftsmanship anywhere they are used.

Our ceramic celing canopies come in two different basic types: a single hole ceramic canopy and a multi-hole ceramic canopy. The single hole variety are all white or have a white base with traditional Italian designs hand-painted on them. While the multi-hole ceiling canopies comes in more diverse and vibrant colors, plus the addition of a "biscuit" unfinished canopy that allows you to paint and finish it any color you wish.

My personal favorite among our ceramic ceiling canopies is our single hole ceramic canopy with crackle finish. The look of this canopy is classic with the cracks in the finish giving it a slightly aged appearance. Definitely a winner in my book.

If ordering any of our ceramic ceiling canopies please note that these do not use strain reliefs where the canopy meets the cloth covered wire color cord. Instead it uses a piece inside the canopy to secure the cord. Due to this, these canopies can't hold heavy weight lampshades at the end of their attached pendant unless secured to something such as our swag hooks.

Simple yet elegant. Functional yet beautiful. Industrial yet refined. Our porcelain ceiling canopies are all of these things. And they come in seven different colors for you to choose from.

Our porcelain ceiling canopies are 4" in diameter and use three screws to attach to your wall, ceiling, or whatever surface you need them to attach to. They all come with two notches on the opposite sides from each other that allow you to "daisy chain" these fixtures together if you like.

We also offer matching porcelain sockets that you can use to create pendant lighting or wall light sconces. 

You can't go wrong with these ceiling canopies when you are wanting a fresh clean look for any space.

Note that these ceiling canopies are not designed to work with traditional junction boxes. Instead these are made to be screwed into surfaces and work very well for wiring situations where you have a wire coming out of the wall without a box.

Have questions about what type of ceiling canopy would be best for your project? Give us a call or drop us a line at info.us@creative-cables.com. We are always happy to helpy ou find the solution to your lighting needs!

Our silicone ceiling canopies are different than the traditional canopies you will see used with most pendant lights. These come in two different varieties. The larger cable cup ceiling canopy style and the smaller silicone roses.

The larger cable cup canopies are great for hiding or covering holes since they are 6.22" in diameter. You can use these as canopies for pendant lights or just to cover unsightly holes.

The smaller silicone ceiling canopies come in many different colors and can give a burst of energy to any room. These canopies will not fit over a traditional junction box. Use these when you have small openings where your electrical wiring is coming from the wall or ceiling.

Wood, it's solid, sturdy, durable and it's look can't be replicated by any other material. All our wooden ceiling canopies are made from Italian wood and come in three different color choices, natural, white and black.

Use our wood ceiling canopy matched with our rope covered wire for a rustic or nautical style pendant light. Our natural wood ceiling canopy comes with four different size hole openings; regular (10mm), XL (16mm), 2XL (24mm) and 3XL (30mm). Our white and black wooden ceiling canopies come only in the XL, 2XL, and 3XL sizes.

And if you need a particular color matched you can always paint or stain our wooden ceiling canopies since they come in a natural unfinished state.

Sometimes you need something just a little different, a little bigger, or a litte special. That's when our XXL ceiling canopies come in.

From 2-hole rectangular canopies to 7-hole circular canopies, these XXL ceiling canopies come in several different varieties and sizes.

These canopies are screwed into your ceiling and use spacers to give, well space between the canopy and the ceiling. They are open on the sides between the spacers and the ceiling. 

You can choose your XXL ceiling canopy in either white, brass, copper or silver/chrome finish.

Posted on 2019-06-30

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