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We call these our Elemental Metal double ferrule light sockets because you can get them in the classic elemental colors of silver, copper, gold and the most classic of all... black pearl? These double ferrule sockets work with almost all of our pendant light lampshades, including all of our super popular fiber string lampshades and handmade Italian ceramic pendant light shades.

So, why do we call them double ferrule? It's a fancy way of saying two rings. And that's exactly what these light bulb sockets have on them, two rings. The rings are there to hold pendant light shades in place. Most pendant light shade that have an opening between 1 - 5/8 inches to 2 - 5/16 inches wide should work with these double ferrule light bulb sockets.

The Elemental Metal collection of double ferrule light bulb sockets include your choice of cable strain relief clamp. The default option is a plastic conical strain relief. But we highly recommend the upgrade to the metal cylindrical strain relief. Make that small splurge and you'll love the result.

These are e26 base light bulb sockets. That means that they are "standard" base sockets and any light bulb with a normal size base will work with these sockets.

These light bulb sockets work great with our pendant light cloth covered wire fabric cords.

Be sure to check out our tutorial videos to learn how to wire up these Elemental Metal double ferrule light bulb sockets.

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Cover: threaded.
Socket: thermosetting polyester T230 (maximum operating temperature).
Rated voltage: 250 Vac.
Rated current: 4 A.
Terminals: screw terminals for rigid or flexible cables from 0.50 to 2.50 mm².
Fixing: with threaded hole M10x1.

Diameter: 1 - 9/16 inches (40 mm)
Height (without strain relief): 2 - 3/16 inch (55 mm)
Diameter of ferrules: 2 - 5/8 inches (60 mm)

Technical specifications Cylindrical strain relief cable clamp
Cap Dimensions: diameter 1/2 inch (13 mm) - height 5/8 inch (17mm)
Cap material: metal.
Threaded tube Dimensions: diameter & height 3/8 inch (10 mm)
Threaded tube material: metal.

Technical specifications Conical strain relief cable clamp
Height: 1 - 11/16 inch (43 mm)
Diameter: 11/32 inch (14.8 mm)

Note that this light bulb socket has a built-in locking safety device that does not allow you to unscrew it once assembled. (This is to protect you from electric shock.)

We ship all our light sockets

    not fully assembled and twisted closed
so that the built-in locking safety mechanism is not "locked" when you receive it.

If the safety device does somehow become locked you can unlock this security system, located inside the socket on the side, with a small screwdriver. Please see our tutorial page for videos on how to unlock these light bulb sockets. And If you attempt to unlock the socket you must have the power
to the socket before inserting anything into the socket!

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