Green Porcelain Light Socket E26 fitting with Strain Relief Clamp


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The timeless elegance porcelain.
This green porcelain light socket lamp holder works well in almost any lighting situation. We think it looks especially good when paired with our natural and warm toned cotton or linen cloth wire.
This is one of our all-time bestselling lamp parts. Now available in many new colorful selections.

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Height: 2.3"
Diameter: 1.7"
Fitting: E26

This light socket lamp part has no ground connection within the inner socket. If using this lamp with our three wire UL Listed wire all you will need to do is clip off the green "ground" and then connect the black "positive" wire and the white "negative" wire to the screws inside.
If at anytime during the wiring of this light you find that you need to unscrew the top and bottom pieces of this socket apart then just do the following. Find the security flap at the inside base of the socket (where it meets the porcelain) and press down the flap with a screwdriver while you turn the bottom piece. It should then unlock easily.

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