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5 Ways Dorm Room Lights Can Harm You (or your child)

Dorm room living. It’s fun, exciting, a little annoying at times, and can be harmful to your health if you don’t have the right lighting. Here are the 5 ways dorm room lights can harm you.

1. They can cause headaches and migraines.

Most dorm room lights are fluorescent lights. As anyone who has been in a classroom or office can tell you, fluorescent lights have a terrible habit of flickering and pulsing. And according to the National Headache foundation this cause issues that may trigger repetitive headaches and migraines. Do you really want to have to deal with repetitive headaches and migraines just because of your dorm room lighting?

2. They will keep you awake.

You can’t control the amount of light in your room, dorm room lighting doesn’t come with a dimmer switch. If your roommate is awake studying all night but you need your beauty rest it’s tough to sleep with the overhead lights beaming down on both of you. In addition, there is thought that fluorescent lighting hurts your circadian rhythm which can cause you to loose sleep.

3. They make too much noise.

Again, this is another issue that comes with the use of commercial lighting in dorm rooms. Standard dorm room lights often hum and cause noise that can be harmful to your health. Don’t let your mental and physical health suffer due to the constant hum of your dorm room lights.

4. They cause eye strain.

When reading and working without proper lighting your eyes will become strained. And if you’re in college you’re going to be doing a lot of reading. Don’t wear yourself down because of bad lighting.

5. Depression, Anxiety & Seasonal Affective Disorder

The lighting you are using on a daily basis may all attribute to these negative conditions. Many people are surprised to learn that lighting has such an effect on your mental health. But studies have proven that lighting plays a big factor in how people feel emotionally.

How can you help alleviate these potential problems that may be created by dorm room lights? Bring your own lights to your dorm room. With modern lighting you can get exactly the type of lighting you need where you need it. So don’t limit yourself to only using the ceiling lights that are installed in your dorm room.

The plugin pendant lights offered by Creative Cables will help you avoid these potential problems. You can hang these plugin pendants on the ceiling or anywhere you need them. And match them with the right led bulbs to get perfect lighting.

The other big benefit of Creative Cables plugin pendant lights is that you can decorate your dorm room and personalize it to fit your personality. And with over 190 choices of cloth covered wire to choose from you can make your light in any color you want – including your college’s colors.

So stop using those soul-killing fluorescent lights and avoid being harmed by your dorm lighting, bring your own light to the dorm room this fall!

Here are some examples of how others have utilized Creative Cables's pendant lighting to bring better light to their rooms.

Posted on 2019-08-14