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How to make it - Our Driftwood Pendant Light Set

How We Made It – (And how you can too) - Pink Pendant Lights with Driftwood

One of the most popular pendant lights we have in our Memphis lighting showroom is our Four-Pendant Light with Driftwood. It’s a simple pendant lighting design made from our Creative Cables lamp parts.

Here how we made it.

First you need to gather all the lamp parts you will be using to make the pendant lights. For this pendant light we used the following lamp parts:

  • One Round 4-hole ceiling canopy in chrome/silver
  • 16 feet of our pink chevron cloth covered wire cables.
  • Four of our chrome/silver metal double ferrule sockets.
  • Four of our pink G40 sized LED light bulbs. These are round globed shaped bulbs and are much larger than your average light bulb at almost 5” in diameter.
  • Three 5 lever WAGO clips.
  • One piece of driftwood that we picked up off the Mississippi River.

That’s it.

Next we just cut the pink chevron cables equally into 4’ sections. We then tape these sections (with clear “Scotch” tape) roughly 1.5 inches from the end on one end of the cables. Then strip off the outer fabric and pvc covering. Then strip off the inner pvc coverings, about 1/8 of inch from the end, on each of the interior three strands of copper cables.

Then we threaded this end of the cable through the strain relief and into the chrome/silver light sockets. We connected the three strands of copper cable to the three locations inside the light socket (black to the gold screw that goes to the bottom piece of metal in the socket, white to the silver side that goes to the side piece of metal, and green to the ground location in the center). Clamp down the strain relief and screw it into place and you’re done with this portion.

Now for the connection to the ceiling canopy. Again, we strip off the outer layer of pvc and cloth wire. This time we strip off more in order to give us room to work inside the ceiling canopy. About 3 inches is perfect here. Insert these cables through the smaller cone shaped portion of the strain relief. (The other piece of the strain relief should go inside the ceiling canopy with the 4 “prongs” of each strain relief going through the hole in the ceiling canopy.) After that insert the cable through the strain relief that is inside the metal ceiling canopy. Pull the cable through enough that the pvc jacket just barely clears the strain relief inside the ceiling canopy and tighten it up. 

Next strip the interior individual copper wires inside of each cable. (This time a little longer, around 3/8 of an inch.) Insert the stripped sections of the copper wire into the WAGO lever clips. All black wires go into one clip, all white into another clip, and all green into another clip.

Now, unless you are experienced working with electricity, hire an electrician to wire your light to the ceiling.

Grab the driftwood and wrap the pendants around it to make your driftwood pendant lights hang however you like.

Screw in the 4 pink led bulbs and you have a super cool four pendant driftwood light!

Not sure that you want to take all these steps yourself? Then it’s no problem. We can make your custom light for you. We’ll do all these steps (except for hooking it up to your electrical system) and all you have to do is enjoy the beauty of your new driftwood pendant lights.

Posted on 2019-07-22