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If you’re here visiting our site then you know we offer more different styles and colors of cloth covered wire than you can find anywhere else in the world. And with all of these color cords you can make a mind boggling number of combinations to create the perfect swag lamp or hanging plug in pendant lighting. But did you know that we offer hundreds of different pendant light shades? 

Right now all of our pendant light shades/lampshades can be a little difficult to find for some people who are just casually browsing our website. (We’re working on changing that, and if you’re reading this post on pendant light shades more than two months after it was written I hope that you’ll say to yourself “What do mean it’s difficult to find? It's obvious where all the pendant light shades are on this site”.) So this post is written to “shed the light” on all the different pendant light shades we offer.

We’ve established that we do in fact sell hundreds of different types and styles of pendant light shades. Now let’s look at the nine different styles these come in.

These types of pendant lampshades are not your typical style lampshade. They really don’t “shade” anything. But they are the perfect light shades to use when you are not looking to diffuse the light coming from your pendant light or swag lamp but just wand to add some style and visual appeal to plain old pendant lighting. This type of light shade is often called a light bulb cage, and it’s easy to see why. They are almost always made of metal and act as a cage that surrounds the light bulb.

The origin of these lampshades date back to when metal cages surrounded light bulbs used in industrial situations. These lights needed to be protected from the harsh work environment to keep them from being hit and broken. You may still see these type light bulb cages in action at your local mechanic who uses plug in lights that are hung under the hood of cars. (Although many mechanics have now gone to using LED lights that don’t require a cage.)

In Modern times we have modified this style to make them contemporary and appealing for use in our homes. We offer many types of light bulb cage pendant lightshades here on our site. From a simple triangle shape design to light bulb cages made to look like wine bottles, diamonds, or something that would be right at home in space or on a science fiction movie.

Be sure to notice the quality of our light bulb cages. Our cages use thick metal and have a substantial feel to them. You'll notice that a lot of low cost bulb cages out there are made of thin metal and don't have the real feel of a heavy duty cage. That's not the case with our light bulb cages for pendant lights. We use a thick gauge metal from top to bottom and the quality of product really stands out compared to everything else on the market. There really is no competition when it comes to our quality.

Now we’re getting into lampshades that actually do provide shade to your hanging or plug in pendant lighting. The first thing you need to know is that all of our ceramic pendant light shades are hand-made by artisans in one of the world’s greatest art cities, Florence, Italy. These aren’t mass produced pendant lamp parts. Our ceramic hanging pendant light shades are made in one of the most renowned cities in the world by craftspeople that take extreme pride in their work.

Our range of ceramic pendant light shades is varied. We have items such as our White Ceramic Dish Lampshade that offer sleek Italian style and definitely bring a modern and sophisticated look to any setting. These are extremely popular for our commercial pendant lighting customers such as hotels and upscale restaurants. But they look equally great in your home or office. We also offer our XL Ceramic Bell pendant light shade in the same finish. This is a large pendant light shade and it looks absolutely phenomenal anywhere you put it. The sheen of the white finish on the lampshade makes it fit in with the most modern of settings, but the style allows it to seamlessly integrate with any home décor from shabby chic to farmhouse or beach style. You really can’t go wrong with either shade.

If you’re looking for a more traditional or rustic ceramic pendant light shade then you should check out our Ceramic Cup (largest), Ceramic Bottle (mid size) and Ceramic Vase (smallest) pendant light shades. These come in colors ranging from a neutral dove color to a stunning evergreen color. These are a true authentic Italian style pendant light shade and we’ve shipped these all over the United States. (If you’re anywhere around the New York area check one of our Coral Red Ceramic Cup lampshades that is going up at the authentic Italian gelateria, The Cremeria.)

And I can’t leave the ceramic pendant light shade category without bringing up one of my very favorite pendant lampshades that we carry, the XL Ceramic Bell with Chalkboard finish. Hang it in your kitchen, your family room, your restaurant, it doesn’t matter because wherever you hang it you’ll love it. Just be sure to keep some chalk hanging around so that everyone can have fun writing on this awesome hanging pendant light shade!

The metal lampshade category has two primary types of light shades in it. There are the modern and contemporary metal pendant light shades and then there are the vintage pendant light shade styles.

Falling under the modern and contemporary category are our Oversized Suspension Dish and our Swing Lampshades. These are simple, stylish and modern. They are wonderful for applications where you want a subtle design element but don’t necessarily want the light shade to be the centerpiece of your environment. Great in restaurants, above small dining tables, for alcove lighting, or for that nook in the corner of your room.

Our vintage style metal pendant light shades are perhaps my very favorite lampshade we offer. Maybe it’s the feelings of attending summer camp, maybe it’s rustic style that reminds me of my time spent working and visiting national parks, or maybe it’s just because I think they just look amazingly cool, but whatever the reason, I do really love our Harbour and Bistrot metal pendant light shades. I especially like the ones in Green Polish with White Interior. These would be right at home hanging in any ranger station or your back porch, reading nook or honestly anywhere. But if you’re looking for a farmhouse, cabin, rustic, or café style pendant lightshade these are your shades!

We offer two variations of the same classic style here. The first is the Bistrot style lampshade. This shade is the more traditional style where the light bulb goes all the way through the lampshade and is “closed” at the top. All the light is directed downward with this pendant light shade.

The second variation is our Harbour lampshade. This metal pendant light shade has the same classic look at the Bistrot shad but instead of being closed at the top the Harbour light shade has openings above the main cylinder that allow light from the bulb to illuminate both above and below the shade. If you’re needing lighting to illuminate both above and below the lampshade then you should definitely take at look at this light shade.

These beautiful, Italian made, fabric pendant light shades come in a multitude of colors. These shades offer a simple yet striking addition to your pendant lights. They come in three different shapes, Square Pyramid, Tapered Cylinder & Round Cylinder.

A personal favorite of mine is the new copper colored light shade. The sheen on this lampshade brings a fantastic brilliance and richness to rooms that are looking for something with a little glamour.

While these light shades work great with any hanging pendant light or plug in pendant light they also work perfectly with our flush wall mounted or ceiling mounted Fermaluces and our table lamp the Posaluce.

The description of our silicone pendant light shades says it all – “Colorful, Fun, Indestructible, Washable”. Bright, colorful and fun these lampshades work in any situation where you want these attributes to shine through. From children's rooms to upscale retail stores and hotels, these pendant light shades hang in some of the most important rooms in the world.

Our UFO’s, or Unconventional Flying Objects, are works of artistic expression by some of today’s greatest artists. These thirteen inch wide discs have illustrations on each side. Some are whimsical, some are classical, some are indefinable, but all are wonderful.

These wooden light shades can be used with any of our hanging or plug in pendant lights as well as with our flush wall or ceiling mounted Fermaluces. They look especially good when paired with a dipped led light bulb as the light reflects back on the design. Look for more designs from more famous artists as we expand this series of pendant light shades in the days, months, and years ahead. And if you see a lampshade that you like be sure to buy it now, as these are limited in their production and you never know when we will sell out.

Are these modern pendant light shades, retro pendant light shades or a mid century modern combination of both? Who knows, but what I can tell you is that these pendant light shades are super cool. And they come in two different shapes (and sizes), a half round fabric lamp shade and a completely round fabric lampshade. Both are available in either XS or medium. But don't let the name of the size fool you, as they are both bigger than you would think.

What’s really fun about these pendant light shades is that they bring a small bit of DIY pendant lighting to our collection of light shades. These shades are shipped to you in a small box. It’s then up to you to “complete the circle” and make them a fully round fabric lampshade. All you have to do is use the included balloon and water spray bottle and just a few minutes later you’ve got a ready to hang lamp. Forget playing with yarn and trying to use paste around a balloon to create a DIY yarn ball pendant light shade. This is the solution you’ve been looking for. With this all you have to do is press the easy button and you have a simple and easy to make solution for your own DIY pendant lighting lampshade kit.

Style #8 – Cement pendant light shades

Welcome to the industrial pendant light look, because nothing quite says industrial pendant lighting like concrete lampshades. These are striking lampshades that look wonderful in industrial or loft style lighting settings.

Ziggy Stardust would have loved these, as they bring a little edge to any room. And while you could probably also use these to hold your door open in a pinch, we think they look a lot better when attached to a hanging pendant light on your ceiling. These pendant light shades come in three shapes: Cube, Funnel & Prism.

Style #9 – We’re working on it right now

Here at Creative Cables we’re always working to come up with new ideas that you can use to Create Your Lightstyle. Check back with us often to find the newest additions to our list of pendant light shades. And while you're waiting for us to add more lampshades to our catalog, don’t forget that we have all the lamp parts you need to create your own lighting.

From an amazing variety of cloth covered wire, to ceiling canopies, light bulb sockets, artistic LED light bulbs, swag hooks, and wall mounts for pendant lights, we have it.

Or if you prefer to have us do all the hard work for you, then just let us create the new pendant light you’re looking for. From multi pendant swag chandeliers to single pendant lamps or plug in pendant lights we can create it. And if you don't see what you're looking for just ask, as we can create any custom pendant light you want.

So check back with us regularly. And be sure to join our email list to get amazing subscriber only discounts!

Posted on 2018-12-14

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