Introducing the Archet(To): wall mount for pendant lighting

Introducing our all new Archet(To) pendant light wall mount. The perfect sleek & modern wall mount for your hanging pendant lights. Our Italian designed, and 100% Made in Italy, wall mount packs an amazing punch. You’ll find it’s the ideal solution for all your swag lamps.

The Archet(To) is made of a clear polycarbonate that has a hollow channel running through the center of it. This channel allows you to insert the cloth wire of your swag plug in pendant light into the channel. The result is that you have a clean design that holds your hanging plug-in pendant light in place.

What really makes the Archet(To) pendant light mount unique is that it is both flexible and allows for enough room from the wall so that you can use it with a swag light with a lampshade attached. The pendant light mount will hold up to 7.4 lbs when properly connected to your wall. And, depending on the weight, it will bend and “give” to create a wonderful arch. The distance this mount gives from the wall allows you to use up to a 70cm diameter pendant lightshade on your swag lamp. So no longer will you be limited to just mounting a bare pendant light without a lampshade.

A few Quick Facts about our new Archet(To):
- Did you know that in Italian archetto means “little arch”?
- The “To” in Archet(To) is the abbreviation for Torino, the city where Creative Cables was founded.
- This wall mount comes from the mind of Achille Novarino, father of Creative Cables founder Luca Novarino.

The Archet(To) can be used with any type of pendant light, whether it be hanging hard wired pendant light or your favorite hanging lights that plug in. But we think it really works well with with our Snake or Snake Bis hanging plug in pendant swag lights. These plug in swag lamps can be customized to any length you need and paired with any of our cloth covered wire. And don’t forget we also offer other lamp parts such as inline switches for your lighting.

While the Archet(To) can be used as a stand alone pendant light mount, we think it looks best with our wooden bases made specifically for the Archet(To). These come in with a natural unpainted wood finish in either a round or square design. You can paint or stain these to match your setting and when used with the Archet(To) they give an extra 32mm of thickness if you’re looking for a little more space off the wall for your pendant light to hang.

Here at Creative Cables we’re always looking for ways to innovate and lead with new and exciting lighting products and lamp parts. The Archet(To) is just one of our many products we offer to those who are looking to brighten up their spaces. Be sure to checkout all of our lamp parts and lighting products on our homepage. Whether you’re making your own industrial pendant lighting or want an already assembled swag lamp we’ve got everything you need for fun, sophisticated and creative lighting.

Posted on 2018-12-11 New Product