Be Creative – The majestic suspension by Caroline Richard

Our French customer Caroline Richard has sent us a few photos of the majestic lighting project she put together to decorate the doorway of the home she lives in with her family.

The space, which takes up more than one level of the house, has been completely taken over by an installation of 12 pendants that hang from the ceiling, each one ending with its own lampshade of different shapes and sizes. The shapes and colours of the lampshades reference natural elements, making this composition modern and elegant.
For the creation of this multi pendant, Caroline utilized our copper covered round cable (N301RR02), the colour of which goes divinely with that of the lampshades, and the black thermoplastic lampholder with two ferrules (PL27PNTF), a simple and efficient solution for creating a beautiful composition.
Posted on 2017-07-03 Be Creative!