The new Extension Cords have arrived

cavo LS_1
Among the new products of our cables catalog, we do not only find the new and beautiful 100% copper coated cables! In fact, along with these models with unparalleled gloss, the wide assortment of large section cables extends with 17 new models. These cables are designed to respond to all situations where more power is required. They are therefore the ideal solution for powering home appliances, multisockets and even wall implants, thus combining functionality and security with typical Creative-Cables style.
Among the many new models introduced, you will also find the fascinating jute made ones, round or twisted, as well as those in natural linen, available in their various fantasies. No collection would be complete without our multicoloured rayon models, like the luminous Opal with its innovative weaving technique. As always, our cables are made 100% in Italy.

Posted on 2017-06-30 New Product