Eight new cables… plus one!

Our collection of cloth covered wire keeps on getting bigger! We're introducing eight new styles of our cotton color cords and one new color cord in rayon. Five of our new cotton cloth covered wire are in our new two-color pattern. These use an intermixed and alternating wide break of colors that have a great style. My personal favorite of these new cloth covered wires are our new blue on blue design. Maybe it's that I love the color blue, maybe it's just a great match of color, mabye it's the fact that it reminds me of our homebase in Memphis and the Grizzlies. But whatever it is it looks fantastic! And if you're a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies and want something unique for a Grizzlies decor theme, this is definitely the color cord to get! Just pair it up with one of our chrome ceiling canopies and a chrome double ferrule socket and you'll have a great looking pendant light to show your team spirit.

We've also added three new Chevron or ZigZag pattern style cloth covered wire cables. These work great to bring a little extra touch of color and style to your projects. And the final color cord we've just added is our new Opal cable in rayon. It exhudes a brillant look with with its' shiny green!

Here is a closer look at some of our new cotton covered cables int the  two-colour patterns!
If you're looking more for a Chevron or ZigZag pattern then check out these new fabric cables? Cotton makes this combination even more unique as it's rare to see a cotton woven in this style on a cloth wire.
The new rayon Opal cable isn’t just a whole new color, it’s also woven with an all new technique! In fact, the rayon fibers we use for this cloth covered wire have a wider texture than our normal rayon cloth wire. This gives the cable a whole new level of brightness and sparkle compared to other color cords.

It doesn't matter which cable you use. Combine any of them with our unique selection of lamp parts and lighting supplies to make the perfect plugin pendant light or hanging pendant light. All you have to do is match them with one of our pendant light shades and you'll have the complete lighting solution. Be sure to check out all our lamp parts and light shades to find out what's perfect for you!
Posted on 2017-04-01 New Product

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