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  • $26.00 Available
    The timeless charm of vintage lighting. The Naked light bulb cage lampshade Drop Black colored metal is inspired by industrial and steampunk atmospheres. The collar closure is suitable with any Socket and, if matched with one of our 120 colors of fabric covered electrical cables, will allow you to create a suspension or table lamp perfect for any...
  • $3.95 Available
    Our black ceiling swag hook is a small but striking accessory. Ideal for shifting the descent of your pendant lamp away from your ceiling rose or just to hang a cable from the ceiling. The retainer screw guarantees that the cable will remain safely fastened in place. It is compatible with cables up to .31" in diameter and with Creative-Cables’ entire...
  • $9.00 Available
    The E26 metal socket color black pearl with double ferrule fits perfectly into settings of all styles: from vintage to modern, it will never be out of place! Thanks to its removable double ferrule and threaded body, this metal socket can support any lampshade and any decorative accessory with an E26 fitting. Furthermore, in the new version with matching...
  • $1.50 Available
    The subtle sheen rendered by the Italian rayon fabric we use to wrap our Black Rayon covered (RM04) color cord in gives it a hint of glamor and modern appeal. Our rayon covered cloth electric wire is wrapped with woven rayon fabric to protect the cord's integrity and enhance its durability. Our fabric cables do a great job of maintaining their flexibility...
  • $8.50 Available
    Have fun playing with the colors and shapes! With this multi-hole black Canopy, you can create compositions up to 3 cables. Complete of cable retainers and bracket fixing for a snug fit with the ceiling.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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