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  • $7.95 Available
    We call these our Elemental Metal double ferrule light sockets because you can get them in the classic elemental colors of silver, copper, gold and the most classic of all... black pearl? These double ferrule sockets work with almost all of our pendant light lampshades, including all of our super popular fiber string lampshades and handmade Italian...
  • $5.95 Available
    Our Flat Top Metal light bulb socket kits are are the standard when it comes to a sleek look with classic lines. These fit perfect into most settings, from minimalist design to classic home and hospitality lighting. And they are ideal light bulb socket kits for those of you looking build your own DIY pendant light or plugin pendant light at home.Each of...
  • $9.25 Available
    This E26 metallic socket kit with 7 cm cable clamp is ideally suitable for wall, table or ceiling lamps. The durable cylindrical bulb fitting works in many environments, We recommend this item for minimal, nordic, industrial or classic and you'll find the perfect metallic finish to suit your needs. The 7 cm cable clamp completes the decorative impact of...
  • $11.50 Available
    This E26 metallic socket with 15 cm cable clamp is used to assemble wall, table or ceiling lamps. This durable cylinder bulb fitting works in a great many environments, whether it's minimal, nordic, industrial or classic, you'll find the metallic finish that suits your needs perfectly. The 15 cm cable clamp is a decorative and high impact addition to the...
  • $16.95 Available
    Looking for a light bulb socket kit that invokes more of a vintage or industrial feel? This could be the perfect socket kit for you. These light bulb socket kits are made from aluminium, so they are light weight and durable. But they still present a great a distressed and retro vintage look.These are single ferrule light sockets. "What's a ferrule?" you...
  • $17.50 Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    A modern and sophisticated style complete with elegant finishes: the E26, milled aluminium socket kit with a gunmetal grey finish is a high valued detail, perfect for refined spaces.The socket kit is provided with a cable clamp. Thanks to the ferrule, you can actually use it with all E26 lampshades: we personally like to match its gunmetal grey finish...
  • $13.50 Available
    P-Light is the unique E12 fitting socket kit allowing you to create special lighting solutions with tubular light bulbs. Thanks to this metal socket you'll be able to create single or multiple pendant suspensions, perfect to illuminate rooms of different dimensions. Combine up to 15 pendants by matching P-Light with our selection of decorated Rose-One...
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items