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  • $1.95 Available
    This rustic and natural fabric covered Vertigo braided lighting cable is designed in Italy and takes inspiration from the hypnotic imagery of the classic Hitchcock film. The juxtaposition of the natural fabric and the bright copper ensures a truly unique product. A truly unique product, this jute and copper fabric flex is ideal for making a statement...
  • $19.95 Available
    Pinocchio isn't just a wall mount: it’s Creative Cables’ solution to hang any lamp, while allowing you to adjust its distance from the wall at the same time. Pinocchio is designed to function with cable lamps: the cable doesn’t go through any holes, it is wrapped around ridged wooden supports at each end. Pinocchio’s arm (or nose?) is mobile and may be...
  • $4.00 Available
    The wall support with a white “V” hook allows your fabric cables to be fixed to the wall or ceiling. It’s perfect for drawing curves or straight vertical or horizontal lines, for hanging cables from below, for suspending garlands, and may be matched with the double entry ceramic lamp holder. Have fun with colors and lines! Fits with cables up to .31" in...
  • $13.95 Available
    Our classic ceiling canopies. These canopies are beautiful and easy to use while providing a sleek and stylish look. They can be used to make your own pendant lights, wall sconces, or to replace most existing pendant light ceiling canopies. Just choose the color and style of the single hole ceiling canopy that you want and then select the type of cable...
  • $30.00 Available
    Want to add some color to an old lamp? Our RC04 Black Cotton cable cord-set with 3 prong plug is a perfect solution.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items